Friday, March 01, 2013

Him and Me

Opposites attract right? Well this is true for Joey and I. Now we have a lot of stuff in common, but there are few things we are really opposite in.

Take for instances prepping for a grocery shopping trip.

Here is how I do it. I create a menu of about 10 dinner, complete with recipes if needed. Then I make a shopping list based on this menu and anything else we need. The list of course is broken up into categories to make shopping a little easier.

 Here is Joey's....

Yea it says food. 


  1. Yes, they do. Great example.

  2. jackie g10:33 AM

    I like your grocery list. is there a link to it or did u create it? Btw, my husband us the same way LOL

    1. I didnt create it. I googled "free printable grocery list". I looked and could find the exact one I have but this one looks good.

    2. jackie g10:54 AM

      Thanks! ;)


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