Thursday, February 28, 2013

Get Well Soon Artwork

 So on Tuesday I get a call from my Mom. Turns out my Pops had a really sudden and severe case of Begnin Positional Vertigo, while driving. THANK GOD, he pulled over. It was so bad that after sitting on the side of the freeway for 30 minutes he called 911. He had no idea what was happening to him and he immediately thought things like, heart-attack. Now any of you who know my super bad-ass tough Pops, you know that it had to have been REALLY bad for him to make that call.

He is home and resting and hopefully will be back to normal in a few days. Vertigo can be gone is hours or days. Its not a big issue and there is nothing he can really do to prevent it. But it was still scary. I mean this is my POPS we are talking about here.

Phi overheard me on the phone with my Mom and me telling Joey the story. I asked the girls if they wanted to paint Tata some pictures to help him feel better. These 2 love watercolors so it was a big yes.

Louie went with a very purple theme. She also used about a gallon of water so hers took awhile to dry. I have a feeling this one might actually make my Pops vertigo worse. It makes me a little dizzy and nauseous just looking at it.

After our last trip to the ranch we brought home some oranges. Since Phi is a picky eater she has always stayed away from them, but this time she tried it and fell in love. I knew she would one day, I craved oranges when I was pregnant with her. She wanted to paint Tata a picture of an orange tree because, and I quote, "Tata grows the best oranges in the world". I think that should be my Pop's company's slogan. 

And this should be their logo.....

Here is a Vine video (follow me at PunkRockMom) of Phi's work in progress.

I love this painting so very much. It was hard to part with it, but I know my Pops will appreciate it even more. I took a few pictures of it and its now my background on my tablet, the lock screen picture on my iPhone, the cover photo of my personal Facebook page, and the new header for this here blog that goes up tomorrow. Yea I love it that much.

Feel better Pops. We love you. 


  1. I'm sure glad your Dad was able to call 911. Here's hoping he's back to "normal" soon.

  2. Anonymous2:00 PM

    These are both great paintings. Lou's looks like a wild boar on a rampage. -- JVS

  3. Anonymous9:16 PM

    My poor Nino :/ I hope he's all better now

    1. He is pretty much back to normal now!


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