Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Welcome to the Club

On Sunday we did something we never get to do. We left the kids with a sitter and hung out with friends and family. My Comadre Patricia threw a baby shower for her Comadre and dear sweet friend Irene. My sister Elaine was nice enough to offer to watch all 5 kids. My sister Cari, Tia Mary, Joey and I headed out to the party. Joey, Compa Jovan, Tio Javier and the Father to be Joey #2 got to hang out at Hooters.

We are so excited for Irene and Joey #2. They are going to be amazing parents. They are beautiful, happy and smart people and their offspring will be such an amazing addition to the world.

I was able to get some pictures of my Comadres beautiful children. These 2 boys really remind me so much of my Comadre Patricia. Matias is the shy, quite, serious, side of my Comadre. The side who cried at her birthday parties because she hated being the center of attention. The side that a lot of people saw.

And her baby Andres reminds me of the funny, wild, crazy, mischievous cousin. This is the Patricia who I always got to hang out with.

And they are both amazingly beautiful, just like my Patty.

The party was filled with good food, chilled wine, sweet treats, lots of advice for the new Momma, presents, laughs and zombie chasing. 


It's A Girl!

As the party started to wind down Cassie got some zombie chasing time in with her nephews. 

It was such a nice way to spend an afternoon. Irene we are so happy for you and remember unless you want us all in the delivery room wait until after your beautiful baby is born to tell us all!

Welcome to the club Joey #2 and Irene!

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