Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Lake Los Carneros

On our last day in Santa Barbara we headed down the hill to Los Carneros Lake. Another place I have never been to. 

First up potty break. 

We headed toward the water with a bag of popcorn and another bag of bread crumbs to feed the birds.

The birds were a mix of ducks and seagulls.

Of course because she is at duck level Louie got her fingered bit by a duck. And it was all she could talk about for days after.

We walked the trails over to the Stow house. It was a pretty nice walk. 

The kids loved running around the trails and hills.

Louie of course, being injured by the duck (not really!) was carried most of the walk.

The 3 amigos

Next up.....
The Stow House and the Candy Cane Train.......

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