Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Let's All Go To The Drive-In

After our butterfly adventure we got to the house and everyone rushed around to get the kids dressed in warm clothes, grab a ton of pillows, chairs and sleeping bags. We popped popcorn and filled a bag with snacks and a cooler with drinks. (And maybe we sneaked a bottle of Brandy in there too).

 A quick stop at Micky D's to grab coffee, soda, fries and 5 happy meals. (Because that is what Tata's do, they get their grandkids Happy Meals. My Tata did this for us all the time. It was the best!). 

We made it to the drive-in just as the movie was starting. 

The kids got super comfy in the back of Tata's truck.

We ate candy and grapes and peanuts in the shell and watched Wreck-It Ralph.

This was one of Phi's favorite things we did over the weekend. After the movies it was time for the adults to eat. Since The Habit was closed we hit up the local In and Out for burgers and fries!

We ended the night with a family Kinect tournament. We played track and field, boxing, bowling and soccer. It was so much fun!

Our next day adventure involves ducks and flashing trains! Stay tuned........

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