Thursday, December 06, 2012

Stow House- Goleta, Ca

Our walk through Lake Los Carneros lead us to the Stow House. I had been there once for a graduation. It is a nice little spot of Goleta, Ca history. 

The kids in front of the Stow house. 

After we wandered the very little museum they have. (We are suckers for California agriculture history!) Nana and Tata treated the kids to a ride on the Candy Cane Train.

Since Louie was to short to get on (Get use to it kid! You're a shorty like your Momma!) I gave my camera to my niece The Chone to take some photos while they waited. 

Photo By Maria

Photo by Maria

Photo by Maria
More of her photos tomorrow!

As they drove off Louie waved and yelled "SEE YOU LATER SUCKERS!" My Pops was cracking up and asked where she picked that up. I told him that it was from my Mom. That made him laugh even more.

As the train made its way back I convinced Louie to "flash" them her belly. 

Let's hope that one doesn't come back to haunt me when she is a teenager. 

There is a small train museum there too.

With pencils, stickers, candy canes and a new Thomas the Train cup the kids were beyond happy!

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