Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Party Fun!

 On Saturday night we headed out to a Halloween Party! A friend of the family, who always throes awesome parties invited all 4 of us to come on over to the barn and PARTY!

The kids were stoked to get to wear their costumes. After much debate from Phi she finally settled on a bride costume. Louie was set on cat for weeks.

I have to admit these 2 are pretty dang cute in their costumes!

For the party Joey and I got to dress up. The Phi was very vocal about me NOT being a Starbucks barista again. (It's my go-to costume). So I went with cowgirl. I ended up looking like I was dressed up like my brother-in-law. 

Joey went the circus freak route. Let me introduce you to the bearded lady.

Even Schmonkey dressed up this year. He is a spooky monkey ghost!

We drove to the party and Louie took it as an opportunity for her disco nap. So she could party all night long!

The party was super fun. Lots of cool decorations and costumes. Great food and a live band!

The kids were stoked that there was a jumper AND a table fulled with cute desserts!

We didn't get to stay too long, but long enough to have a great time!

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