Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fall Bucket List- Apple Picking in Oak Glen

Last weekend my sister Mercy and her BF Kelly spent the night and on Sunday we headed out so that Mercy could cross something off her Fall Bucket List:

Apple Picking!

We drove up to Los Rios Ranch in Oak Glen. Tis the season for apple picking, the place was packed! 

We bought our empty bag and headed to the orchards.

We started by picking Roma apples.

Even Louie helped out.

I was really hoping for a nice cool crisp fall day, instead we got a pretty hot fall day.

We walked over to the other orchard to pick some double red delicious apples. Those are Phi's favorite.

We wandered the gift shops and taste tested different types of apples and even cider. 

Kelly had the best idea. To end our day with apple pie. Of course frozen store bought pie topped with ice cream! 

It was a great day that will leave amazing memories. 

And Mercy can cross off "apple picking" from her fall bucket list! 

On a side note: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 

On another side note: Today Punk Rock Parents is 7 years old. That's right 7 years! 

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  1. What a great day. Love all the photos, too.


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