Monday, October 29, 2012

Properly Spoiled

My birthday was one of the best I have had in awhile! At lunchtime Joey and Lou showed up to my office with balloonies, flowers and food! My favorite grilled cheese pizza sandwich from The Stoppe

When The Phi got home from school she was so excited to show me what she made me for my birthday! This awesome owl puppet! I love it!

I loved reading all the facebook posts, emails, texts messages and even old school greeting cards that I received  Seriously I am one damn lucky 35 year old.

After catechism we headed to Dave's BBQ for dinner. I was so happy and surprised to see Uncle Matty!

We feasted! The meal we got for the table was literally called "The Feast" It was brought to our table on a trash can lid by a dude chanting "FEAST! FEAST!"

Thanks for this pic Matty!

There were gifts of a gallon of yummy rosemary mint soap, a new blue striped soft sweater, a new sports bra and a pair of brown cowboy boots!

And of course there was desserts! Complete with sparklers!

It was such a great day. Joey and the girls did such a awesome job and properly spoiled me.

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