Thursday, August 30, 2012

Go Green Ninjas!

Here at Casa Punk Rock Parents we are the opposite of morning people. Like we are as far from morning people as you can get. But for our Felix we dragged our butts out of bed early ON A SATURDAY to be on the road by 6:30 AM to be at his very first soccer game! Even with a Starbucks stop we made it to the game right on time!

Here is our #4 ready to play!

Look at this face. This is one focused soccer player.

There he goes!!

Going right for the ball.

Goal for the Green Ninjas! 

And the crowd goes wild!

Or they just hang out talking and laughing......

Felix had the biggest cheering section! He had a few rough practices at first but he did awesome at his first game. We are really really proud of him.

The girlies with the sign we made, because of course we made a sign!

We had such a good time cheering him on! I predict that by the end of the season he will be an awesome soccer player.  

Go Green Ninjas!

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