Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ports O Call (good grade trip part 3)

After a lunch we realized that by hopping on the freeway would land us in the middle of traffic. So we decided to kill some time and stopped off at Ports O Call (or is it Ports of Call?). A little strip of shops and restaurants along the water and across from the Long Beach Port.

My babies. When I asked them to pose The Phi said "I knew you were going to make us take a picture here!" 
It is a bit of a run down place, but still pretty interesting to check out. We stopped at a jewelry place and learned all about puzzle rings and even stopped for some ice cream.

Joey had been here before as a kid with his Grandparents. He told us how he Grandma use to have a favorite clothes place and about a hat shop where his Grandpa would buy his Grecian Sailor hats.

It was a great place to spent an hour or so. It was some place I had never been and I love exploring new places. I would love to go back and eat there.

The Phi would not like to eat there.

I swear The Phi has been more places in her 7 years than I had been in my first 25!

And believe it or not this was not the end of our big day.

One more stop......

Come back Monday for Part 4 of our Good Grades Trip!


  1. Since I'm from Long Beach, I remember when Ports of Call was built. I've been there many times.

  2. Anonymous1:28 PM

    I wish we lived closer together so we could do all of these fun things with you! JVS


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