Friday, July 13, 2012

Good Grades Trip Part 2

The aquarium was pretty packed for a weekday afternoon. Lots of summer camps. The weather was perfect  and despite the crowds we were able to see the whole place.

I was impressed with the animals they had there. Even penguins!

Now Schmonkey was there because according to The Phi, it had been a life long dream of his to go to an aquarium. Glad we could make that happen for you Schmonks.

We got to see a diver feed the fish and rays. The Phi got a front row seat. It was very cool.

Then The Phi got to give the diver a high-5!

After a spin at the gift shop we left the aquarium. It was already close to 3pm and we were starving. And strange enough craving seafood. Luckily there is a Bubba Gumps next to the parking lot. While we were there eating we were telling The Phi all about the Forrest Gump movie. I need to get that on our Netflix queue.

Run Phi Run!

Life is like a box of chocolates.
Lou was very happy when we found Nemo at the aquarium. Then she found him in the parking structure and proceeded to jump all over him. She is a very violent creature that Lou.

After a great lunch, our day was not over...

Come back tomorrow for part 3 of our good grades trip.


  1. I went to the aquarium a couple of Saturdays ago for work. It got really crowded very quick, but we got to see everything. It was pretty neat to see all the little kids get super excited about fish, divers, or touching sharks and stingrays. Glad you and the girls enjoyed it.

  2. Anonymous11:06 PM

    What a fun day for all! Schmonkey got his wish granted. (sorry if I got the spelling wrong on his name, Phi.) High Five with the diver? How cool was that! You Lerma's know how to have a really good time. :)

    Love, Sherry P.


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