Monday, July 16, 2012

Downtown Disney & The World's Best Crepe (Part 4 of our Good Grade Trip)

After leaving Ports O Call, since we were in the area, we decided to make a stop at Downtown Disney. The kids are still on a Disney high after our trip to Disneyland last month. Plus our cousin Yvette was working at the Crepe and Funnel Cake stand.

We wandered the shops and Lou's headed exploded with all the "PWINCESS!!!!" stuff everywhere.

We found Yvette, (or Abby's sister as Lou calls her) working hard!

Then she handed us this and she became my favorite cousin-in-law.
A banana split crepe (with no nuts!) A banana with chocolate syrup wrapped in a warm crepe. Topped with whipped cream. A scoop of vanilla, of strawberry and chocolate on the side. Then the whole thing is drizzled with chocolate and strawberry sauce. AMAZING! I made a lot of bad food choices this day.

This was a great way to end our Good Grade trip. I hope that The Phi continues to be a good student so that we can have these kind of trips.

We are so proud of you The Phi. We hope that we gave you a fun day that made all your hard work throughout the school year worth it!


  1. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Yeah for Phi!!!!!!!!!

    Those crepes look so delicious. Yum.

    Love, Sherry P.

  2. Haha.. I'm all stunned in the pic! I love it! Congrats Phi!


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