Monday, April 23, 2012

Things you never ever want to hear. A play.

Scene: Saturday. Late Morning. Our house.

Joey is out on a bank and Starbucks run. Elissa is in her bedroom trying to figure out what to wear. The Phi is in her room quietly playing her 3DS. Lulu is running rampant throughout the house. Lulu walks into Elissa's bedroom.

Lulu: Mom, Caca.
Elissa: Do you have caca in your diaper? Do you need a diaper change?
Lulu: No

10 or 15 minutes have passed. Joey is back from running errands. Elissa is still getting dressed. The Phi is still playing 3DS. Lulu is still running wild throughout the house. Joey walks through the front door and from her bedroom Elissa hears shouting. 

Joey: Why is there a caca diaper on the floor in the living room?

Elissa runs into the living room to see Joey holding an open diaper filled with caca. Immediately the smell hits her.

Elissa: OMG! Check Lou!

Joey checks Lou 

Joey: She doesn't have a diaper on.

Joey and Elissa are now frantically carrying Lulu to her changing table and attempting to clean her dress with Shout. The Phi is still quietly playing her 3DS.



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