Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Perfect Present

I think I am easy to shop for. Joey and the girls may disagree with that statement, but I think I am pretty obvious. And I mean, if you really want to know what I want just head over to my Pinterest boards.  Every year instead of Christmas gifts, Joey and his BFF exchange Kwanzaa gifts. It is how these 2 white boys keep it real. Karla (Matt's GF) and I are now included in this gift exchange and this year they got me some perfect gifts. 

First they got me this framed photograph of Frida. I LOVE this. LOVE LOVE this. In our hallway I display art work from friends and family and various prints and other Frida Kahlo related pieces. This fits in perfectly into our hallway. Even Lou will see a Frida pic and point and say "Sida". 

As perfect as this picture is there was one more thing. Along with this they also got me a DVD of this movie....

Matty remembered the time I told him about one of my birthdays. I had a slumber party and the highlight was going to the movies to see this. I was a major Corey Haim fan.

So thanks Matty and Karla for the perfect present!!

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