Thursday, March 15, 2012

Princess to Mount Rushmore

On Sunday The Phi and I went to church together. Afterwards we went out for lunch. Yes we go to the 11am mass. We sat across from the table from each other and at the table next to us a waitress keep referring to a little girl as "princess". I wrinkled my nose and told The Phi how I don't like that. I then went into one of my Mom rants words of wisdom speeches.  Which seem to be happening more often these days. I explained to her how I didn't want her or Lou to grow up thinking that everything in life should be handed to them. I wanted them to know how to work hard and to be good. Then I told her about how Tata started working as a picker. Literally picking fruit from trees. I explained how hard he worked for a lot of years to get where he is now. I told her that he went from picker to Vice-President with a lot of hard work, by following the rules and being a nice person.

The Phi picked her head up and her eyes were huge.....

"Mom! Tata is a Vice-President??"


"Maybe they will put his head on that mountain!" 

So much for my words of wisdom.


  1. I think they will put him on Mt Rushmore! Your works will sink in, I promise, but like everything else, you have to keep repeating.

  2. Mercy Elaine5:09 PM

    oh my god. that is my favorite post!

  3. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Awesome! My Tio looks good up there!

  4. amazing...that just made me laugh so hard that the people in my office are starting to think I'm crazy.


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