Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Blame it on the Rain OR Who is Rick Rubin?

We spent the last weekend in Santa Barbara. And even with the rainy weather it was fantastic.

The Phi has always been such a great traveler. Lou is pretty good but after the 2 hour mark she gets pretty antsy. They have a DVD player and this trip they watched Despicable Me and Follow That Bird. The best is hearing them both crack-up together at something. The worst is Lou whining "Mommy" and "Daddy" over and over. I also wish that I could read in the car. It makes me so car sick. If there is some kind of cure or trick, please share!!

We got in Friday night and on Saturday we were up and ready and headed out for a Costco trip. Lou needed diapers. When we got there, Nana and The Phi attacked the free sample tables. They enjoyed all kinds of good food. Then they drifted into the clothes section and The Phi feel in love with the big Easter dresses. Every year I have a brief thought to buy the girls Easter dresses, and then I never do. The Phi really loved a big puffy yellow dress and I liked this pink tutu like dress. I thought if she got the pink one she could wear it for Easter and her birthday. Nana bought her both. I have to admit, she looks gorgeous in this yellow dress. 

After Costco Joey, Lou and I were heading downtown to eat at Norton's Deli. (We gave Phi the choice to go with us or go to Home Depot with Nana and Tata. As always she goes where ever Nana goes) We had seen this place featured on Diners, Drive-In and Dives on the food network. And since Joey is always down for a good pastrami we thought we would check it out. The food was so good but the place was SO small.

Funny thing happened when we walked across the street to the deli. There was a young kid who came up to Joey. He stopped Joey and asked "Hey are you Rick Rubin?". The kid seemed pretty stoked, until Joey told him "No". Then he looked disappointed. I had no idea who this Rick Rubin was so when we got inside I asked Joey who is Rick Rubin? He told me he was a big time record producer. Like working with the Beastie Boys and Johnny Cash. He is currently the co-head of Columbia Records. So yea big time. Of course I googled him and the beard was really the only resemblance. Joey was not too happy with the comparison because Rick Rubin is 10 years older than Joey. I told him to take it as a compliment. That he looked like a man of wealth and importance. Seriously though I have never seen anyone get mistaken for a someone famous more than Joey. I think the universe is trying to tell him something.

After lunch Joey, Lou and I walked a few blocks down State Street to the Arlington Theater to pick up the movie tickets. We didn't have a stroller so Lou was stoked to be roaming free. Wait let me correct myself. Super Lou was stoked to be patrolling and keeping Santa Barbara safe from crime. With the shirt and the cape, Lou was a bigger hit with the people than normal.

After a nice game of chase Super Lou around State Street we headed to Whole Foods for a yummy fruit and Veggie juice. I love the coffee section of Whole Foods!

When we got back to my parents house there were 2 awesome things waiting for me. First The Phi had bought me this awesome cactus from Home Depot! I love it!

And the CuCoGo Family was there too!!!

The new exciting toy at Nana & Tata's house is the Kinect for Xbox. What a fun toy!!!! We all liked it. Joey and I rented a couple of games for the kids to play over the weekend and they were a hit. Watching all the kids play Just Dance together was so freaking adorable!

Lou loves just being with the cousins. It is so funny to see The Phi and Lili running from room to room with Lou trailing behind them. 

Schmonkey also had his first communion while we were there. Felix and Lou were his god-parents. 

Just a really cute picture of Lou that my Mom took. 

Sunday was a rainy day. That rain doesn't stop Flip from standing guard. 

And with the rain came the most spectacular rainbow. As if Santa Barbara could not get any more gorgeous.

These 2 are the gold at the end of the rainbow.

Nana and Tata's Pride and Joy's

Another highlight of the weekend was what we are calling the "Lili Awards". Lili had put together an awards list for the whole family! 

In case you cant read it all...
Liiana- Best Games
Felix- Best at Legos
Nana- Best at Making Cards
Tata- Best at shooting guns
Angelica- Best at Sports
LouLou- Cutest Baby
Mom (Cari)- Best at Cooking
Dad (Luis)- Best at Eating
Nani Lissa (ME!)- Best Red Lipstick
Sophia- Best Adventure Videos
Nino Joey- Funniest Award
Kelly- Best Skyper
Nani Elaine- Best Trips
Flip- Bravest Dog
Dexter- Most Missed Dog
Roo- Smallest Dog
Buster- Best Dog on Skype
Uncle Tommy- Best Restaurant

We all headed down the hill to enjoy some pizza and video games. 

Then it was time to head home and put the kids back into the car for the 3 hour drive.

I know Lulu. I felt the same way.


  1. What a fabulous time you all had. Love that you captured the rainbows, too.

    1. merijane8:33 PM

      Great way to memorialize your family outing.


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