Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Phi May Never See A "Live" Show

My poor Phi. The kids has some good taste in music. Aside from the typical Disney Teeny Boppers and Justin Beiber, she has a pretty diverse mix. The only thing is that she tends to lean toward dead musicians. Now part of it is my fault. When she hears a song she likes the conversation usually goes like this...

"Oh Mom I like this song. Who sings it?"
"Oh this is (insert dead musicians name here) "
"Can we see him in concert?"
"Nope, he's dead" 

I think it started with Bob Marley. She liked the 3 Little Birds song. For awhile The Phi needed to know every detail of Bob Marley's death. I swear if you ask her she will tell you all about it. Last year I took her to a Ziggy Marley concert. It was as close as she was going to get to Bob.

Then it happened again after watching La Bamba. We watched the movie and The Phi was rocking to the music. And then the plane crash happened. The movie kind of makes it like a dream sequence and she was kind of confused. She looked at me with her big eyes asking "Did he die?" Then Easi Morales came on the screen and screamed "RITCHIE!" and The Phi knew she would never go to a Ritchie Valens concert.

I got into a Selena kick and was listening to a lot of her music at home. The Phi really dug it. We were dancing cumbias and doing the "washing machine". Then we saw the movie. And another one of her musical idols had fallen.

It happened again this morning. While driving to school and listening to the Selena Pandora station the song "El Vida es un Carnaval" came on. A song by Celia Cruz. Dead Celia Cruz. After convincing The Phi that the singer was indeed a woman and not a man, I knew what was coming next.

"Mom I love this song! Who is this?" 


  1. You really need to stop playing music by dead guys! She really has great taste in music.

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