Thursday, January 19, 2012

Solvang with the 71.4%

We spent another glorious weekend in Santa Barbara. On Sunday 71.4% of the family headed to Solvang (10 out of the 14 of us!). It is a nice 20 minute drive from my parents house. We hyped the kids up by telling them about this awesome bakery. And and of course when we got there is was closed for remodeling. The kids still had fun.

It was a nice sweater wearing kind of day. Seriously these kids could do print work!

Until Louella is a bit taller, Tata will have to fill-in.

And of course there is the picture in the shoe....

With Nani Day-day you have to specific. You can't just say "Get in the shoe!"

Lots of cute shops with fun stuff.

While The Phi and Lili shopped for new outfits for their American Girl dolls, Lou played with this adorable Calico Critter table. She would put the baby bunny in the high chair and say "Eat!". And yes it was the cutest thing ever.

I ask them to pose in front of this window.

Nana works out so she can swing her grandbabies around like this!

Even the drive home was beautiful.

You can see The Phi's recap of the day... CLICK HERE!


  1. I've always loved Solvang. When I was in the automotive/after-market business, I'd take off to Solvang, alone for a long weekend. Park my car at the hotel, and never move it until it was time to go home.

  2. As kids we had to spend a lot of time in Solvang, got to where I hated going. It's been at least 10 years since I was last there. Maybe it's time to take my little bits for a road trip.

  3. check out the picture of Lou in the shoe. EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the background is looking at her and smiling!


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