Friday, January 20, 2012

Meeting Jacey

It is no secret that my family is everything to me. And this doesn't just mean my immediate family. I adore all my cousins. All 60-ish of them. Things like step and in-law don't make a difference. When you become family you become family. And now a lot of my cousins are having babies and in the Mexican culture, your cousins kids sort of are like your nieces and nephews. I think this is because your cousins kids are usually the same generation and your siblings kids. And most time you and your cousins are tight like siblings. Plus it is a sign of respect for elders and all that.

Confused? Yea I know. So let me give you an example. My cousin Monique (who is super awesome) is my first cousin, and my girls call her Tia (aunt) Momo.

ANYWAYS! There was a point to this. See sometimes your cousin and their significant other don't always last. And when there are kids involved it would be so easy for that significant other to not think about or ever care about my side of the family. And to me that is understandable in certain circumstances but still heartbreaking.

I am so happy that Monica is so not like that. Even though Monica and my cousin, have since parted ways, she has allowed me (and other family members) to stay connected to our little baby Jacey, mostly through Facebook. But on Monday we were able to meet up and I was able to meet this beautiful little branch of our family tree.

She didn't have to meet us. She doesn't even have to communicate with us. But I am so very happy that she is a wonderful and loving person and she happily met up with me and my family.

Cousins are such wonderful friends in your life.

 And my girls got to meet and spend time with Cousin Jacey.

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  1. Hey cuz! Well I finally came across your article about my Baby Jacey. I love you guys with all my heart and I'm so glad that your able to keep in contact with my little one. She means the world to me and you guys being around her just brings a huge smile to my face. Thank you so much for being........well for being family. Love you guys! Cousin Frankie Gomez


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