Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hipstamaticed Train Ride

Last Saturday we surprised The Phi with a Metrolink ride to Olvera Street. You can see her take on the day over at her blog (Click Here) . We started the day by heading over to the San Bernardino Station just to be told that they were working on the tracks between San Bernardino and Rancho Cucamonga.Instead of taking the bus provided we drove to Rancho to pick up the Metrolink.

I took my Nikon camera but decided to put the new iPhone camera to use and I used the Hipstamatic app for photos of the day. All random settings.

So here we go....

On the weekends you can buy a pass for $10.00 and ride the Metrolink all weekend long. Joey has always wanted to do this with the kids and it was a great idea! The train ride there was fun. It was more packed than we expected and finally got a good seat with a table for the last half of the ride.

Daddy and Lou on the Metrolink

We arrived at Union Station in Los Angeles. The Phi loves LA so she was super excited to be there.

Olvera Street is right across the street from the train station. So the first thing we did was decide where to eat. We ended up at Juanita's.

Our tiled table.

And of course a trip to Olvera Street would not be complete without some taquitos with gucamole sauce. So good.

My plate. Cheese enchiladas with 2 beef taquitos.

We spent the next few hours wandering the shops. Our favorite thing to do.

Much like the Clifford picture on Santa Monica pier. A man handed The Phi this flower made from a palm leaf and then asked Joey for a donation.

Flower made from a palm leaf

Still lots of skulls to buy.

Beautiful embroidered Mexican tops.

Cream filled churros from Mr. Churro and a Horchata latte.

View from the plaza


Masked Phi

Schmonkey looking damn good in a hat

The Phi browsing

Sofia right next to Angelica. Sounds about right.

Doggy Bank


My girls in front of Mr. Churros

Left over Sugar Skulls

The view from the store fronts

Huraches for sale

I think my Pops needs this for his bathroom.

Such cute coffee mugs!

After shopping and treating ourselves to churros, a horchata latte and some very good champurado we headed back to catch the 5:39 train.

One last bathroom break before boarding the train.

Louella didn't sleep all day which made the train ride home a bit challenging.

It was a beautiful fall day spent in a beautiful place with my beautiful family.

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