Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dia De Los Muertos with the Dre's

We thought the Riverside Dia celebration was awesome and then we went to the one in Santa Ana. My Comadre Patricia invited us to meet them there for the day. It was amazing and huge and there was so many amazing altars.

When we got there we waited a few for the Dre's to get there. Once we all met up we were all hungry. So we found a taco shop to eat. Between eating, feeding babies, and diaper changes it took us awhile to get started!

I love this! Caution: Education Chicano Crossing.

Skull made of Starburst wrappers.

I LOVED this little ceramic piece. Just fell in LOVE with it.

It was so cool. As the sun was getting ready to set the Aztec dancers went around and blessed all the altars with copal. After the blessing people lit the candles on their altars.

Now some kid cuteness....

Arghh the cheeks!!

It was such a great event. It was good to see my Comadre interact with her students and colleagues. (She is a professor). The Phi loved being with her God-parents for the day and hanging out with her cousins. This is such a good event! We will so be there next year!

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  1. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Meet you there! :) Love the pics!


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