Tuesday, November 15, 2011


So after blogging for over 6 years I have finally broke down and bought a proper address for this place. Of course you can still find us at our blogspot address but if you want to tell all your friends about us. And I know you do! Just tell them...

"Check out this blog with this weird Mom who takes a lot of pictures, and there is a Dad who, no joke, has the most amazing beard I have ever seen, and they have 2 really cute and funny kids."

And your friends, family, co-workers, strangers on the bus will say "what's the address?"

and all you have to say is "www.punkrockparents.net". You could even drop the www.

Because .com is so lame. Only losers use .com. It is so 1998. Plus it was already taken.

So remember you can still find us at www.joeyelissasophia.blogspot.com, but that is really long. Save yourself 1.5 seconds a day and just use punkrockparents.net instead!

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