Sunday, September 04, 2011


There are many things I love about my husband Joey. One of them is his go with the flow, easy going attitude. One Friday after work we were running boring errands like buying The Phi her school shoes when Joey said where to now?

I had nothing planned. So I said let's go to Idyllwild. I have seen the signs to Idyllwild everyday. It is a small mountain town only about 40 minutes from us. So with no plan we headed up the San Jacinto mountain.

We passed a cute little lake and saw some spectacular views along the way. When we got into the small center of town we got out of the car and we all took a deep breathe of the pine scented air. The Phi exclaimed "It smells like Bass Lake". We walked around the shops and restaurants. Most things were closed but we still managed to have a fun time exploring.

Last seasons American Idol contestant Casey Abrams is from here.

We drove around and settled on "Goodtimes" for dinner. Nothing amazing, just a quaint little mountain restaurant.

An unexpected afternoon with our girls. Making memories, exploring new places.


  1. I love doing things like that. Great photos.

  2. Stunning stills.. Nice photos:)


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