Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The First Day of First

This is the 4th First day of school for The Phi.

Pre- School



1st Grade
And this is me crying like a baby because my girl is growing up so damn fast. 

Thank goodness we had that second baby. She is crazy and wild enough to curb my desire for more babies.

The Phi woke up super excited. Before she went to eat her breakfast she hugged me tight and bounced up and down saying "school school school". 

We were on time. (let's see how long we can keep that up!) And she kissed Lou bye.

I made her take one last picture with me. I hugged her so tight and started to tell her to have fun and good luck and how much I will miss her but I started to get chocked up and my voice was getting all wobbly. So I squeaked out an "I love you". 

# of first days of school= 4
# of first days of school where The Phi cried= 0
# of first days of school where I cried= 4

Then she grabbed her "Victorious" lunch box and her new owl messenger bag (Thanks Aunt Crissy!) and she (with Schmonkey hidden safely in her bag) skipped off. Ready to start 1st grade.

Good Luck my Phi. 
You will be awesome. 
You will kick first grades ass.
Because you rock school like a boss.

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