Thursday, September 08, 2011

What's in a name

Our girls have beautiful names. Sophia and Louella can thank their father for their names. Joey named both of the girls. With the exception of Louella's middle name. (Blu is all me!) So I have made the executive decision that IF, and these days that is a really big IF, we have another kid, I get to name them. Any name I want and as many names as I want. I mean it is only fair. I didn't even get to name the dog.

And why yes I already do have some lists going.

Boy Names
  • Cinco Gomez (after my Pops)
  • Gomez Cinco (because the Adams family is cool)
  • Joey Danger (because that is just a bad ass middle name)
  • Grover  (after the muppet not the president)
  • Bruno
  • Brando
  • Sonny
Girls Names
  • Lola (this was what I wanted to name The Phi)
  • Deliliah (this is what I wanted to name Lou)
  • Eliza (because I love Audrey Hepburn movies)
  • Marigold (isn't Goldie a cute nickname)
  • Marybell (I had a friend in grade school with this name and always loved it)
  • Frida (because I want one of my kids to be an artist, the uni brow is a given thanks to Joey)
  • Sunny
These are some of the name I like. I haven't even started with the Aztec middle names I like.

Do you now see why Joey did not let me name any of our kids?


  1. No, I don't see why. I have two great young friends who just had twins. He's blanco (Burkett) and she's Mexican (Corona), here are the twins names - Black Francis Corona Burkett and Ofelia Cruz Corona Burkett. They call Black, Pancho.

  2. Mercy Elaine10:52 AM

    First Cari took Felix, now your claiming Gomez?!? I even already got Kelly to agree on Gomez for a boy. You better have another girl!


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