Sunday, August 28, 2011

Promises Promises

A few weeks ago we spent a beautiful day at Big Bear Lake. All day Joey tried to convince The Phi to go on the Alpine Slide Ride with him. It took her all day but she finally agreed. We headed over and got there at exactly 6pm, when they closed. After seeing the ride The Phi really wanted to go and after Joey had talked it up all day he made a promise to The Phi. He promised he would take her back to ride the Alpine Slide before she started school. This place has special meaning to Joey and I.

Last Tuesday found us back at Big Bear Lake and at the Alpine Slide Ride.

They bought tickets.

And hitched a ride to the top of the hill.

And then down they sped.

She will never forget this day.

 And she will know that her Daddy keeps his promises.


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