Friday, June 10, 2011

The First of Many Graduations

The Phi graduated! Last year she missed the last day of school because I had to go and go into labor that day. This year she not only got to enjoy the last day of school, but she also got to have a big 'ol fancy graduation.

Complete with little white cap and gowns my baby girl walked across the stage, was handed a "diploma" and shook hands with the Pastor. They performed songs and did a whole skit that reviewed all the things they learned that year. I found it ironic that The Phi's lines centered around Jesus making water into wine. Yummm wine!

Before the big event The Phi kept asking me, "Mom are you going to cry?" So throughout the whole ceremony I kept seeing her watching me, waiting for me to cry. And when they all broke into an adorable version of "This little light of mine", I broke.

I mean how could I not. I am so proud of this little one. And even better is that she was so proud of herself.

To make the night even better she had all her grandparents there complete with flowers, balloons, and gifts! They were so proud of their granddaughter The Phi!

We are very thankful for The Phi's teacher this year. I will admit we were a bit worried at the beginning of the year when we were told this was her first year teaching. But she ended up being such a great teacher and The Phi adored her.

And here we all are. A very proud family at the first of what I really hope will be many graduations for The Phi. I am figuring this should be 1 of at least 6. I mean Dr. The Phi does have a nice ring to it right?

Oh and yes Joey carries the diaper bag because he is bad-ass like that.

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