Wednesday, June 01, 2011


My Louella Blu
Crazy One

We waited such a long time for you. The moment I laid eyes on you my first thoughts were "She looks just like Sophia" and "I love her so much". With you it was instant. I wasn't worried about how I would handle being a Mom. I had 5 years and an amazing kid as proof that I could do it. My first words to you were.....

"You have a sister named Sophia and she cannot wait to meet you."

Who knew how much love one heart could hold?

This past year has been a whirlwind. You are like a tiny hurricane that has blown into our lives. In the most amazing and beautiful way of course. 

Very early on you developed your own personality. Despite looking so much like your sister you are nothing like her. We have now realized that your sister was the "easy" one. 

Everyday with you is a crazy adventure and I never know where the day will take us. I do know that it will be fun and there will be smiles and laughing. 

And Louella, I am always careful about telling you and your sister that your are smart and strong and don't want you to give too much importance to looks but I will say it here. You are such a beautiful baby. I don't think there has been one time that we have been in public that someone did not stop us to tell us how beautiful you are. Seriously not once. 

This past year was not always easy on any of us. Your sleeping habits are still sporadic and at times has banished your sister and I to the couches. You fight your naps and are such a light sleeper that I even had to change keyboards at work because my typing would wake you.

But it all went by so fast. All of a sudden you were crawling and standing up on things. You wanted real food and your hair was so long I had to comb it into a ponytail just so you could see. 

By my God are you fun. You are such a ham and can keep us all cracking up with your "talking" and dancing and all your pointing. 

It feels like they just placed you into my arms for the first time. It feels like I just fell in love with you. 

I feels like I blinked my eyes and this morning was here. As you sister and I crept into your room and sang you Happy Birthday you woke up, stood up and smiled at us. 

And poof.... the first year was gone. 

Happy Birthday Louella Blu.
I love you x infinity,

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