Friday, June 10, 2011

A visit with Big Nana and Big Tata

It is so crazy to really think about it. I come from a very big Mexican family. My Mom is 1 of 9 kids. 9 kids!! So you can only imagine how big we are, especially now that my generation is having kids. We are huge. HUGE I tell you. And it all started with my grandparents.

My Nana and Tata are freakin awesome people. I mean they have to be. They are the ones that started it all.

There is nothing I love more than photos of my babies with my Nana and Tata. 2 people who I adore and admire more than anything with 2 little people who I adore and admire more than anything.

I didn't get the chance to grow up with my great-grandparents. My girls are super lucky to have 6 of their great-grandparents in thier lives.

We love you so much Big Nana and Big Tata!

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