Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blue party for Lou Blu

It had everything a birthday party should have........

While everyone else wore blue in honor of Louella Blu.
The birthday girl was too adorable in head to toe pink. This one knows how to stand out! 

The tutu was made especially for Lou by Twice Upon a Bow

There was yummy food. So the story behind this next photo. My sister always makes chili beans for parties. They stay on the stove to keep warm. People always forget they are there and at the end of the party there is a full pot of chili beans. So I made this........

Problem solved!!

Everyone was decked in blue! Check out the twinsies!!!!

 All the crew was there. Here are the 4 amigos!! 

 And Lou had not just my Nana and Tata there, but Joey's grandparents were there as well. That's right, 2 sets of great-grandparents. Radical.

There was cake, with a blue dinosaur of course!

Lou had to taste test her cake and gave it a big only cheesy grin. That means she likes it!

And as with all our cakes, Big Tata had to "sign" it.

The rain forced our games inside but they were still super fun. 
Here are the girls playing "Hot Schmonkey"
Even the music for the games was "Louella themed" 
For this game we played "Louella" by Pat Boone

We had a little pictionary game. 
We had the adults draw and the kids guess. 
All the answers were blue cartoon characters. Here Cassie is drawing Cookie Monster!

We had an awesome round of freeze dance to the song "Blue" by Eiffel 65.
With this game came the best part of the party. 
My nephew Felix is usually very shy and has to even be talked into even playing games. But on this day he not only played, but DANCED, IN FRONT OF PEOPLE!!!
And his dance moves are now the stuff of legends. 

There were a big pile of gifts, that of course Lou thought were all edible. 

Even The Phi scored some belated birthday gifts. This messenger bag from Aunt Crissy, Uncle Phill and Eli is perfect for school next year! 

And there was a lot of love for the birthday girl!

And the most important of all...

there was a very happy birthday girl!

Thanks to everyone who braved the rain and drove long distances to be with us and celebrate our baby girl!

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