Thursday, June 16, 2011

1 year old Pics

So I started taking Lou's monthly pictures on our bed. By Month 10 it was obvious that I picked a bad location. That kid cannot sit on the bed. Once her little booty hits the bed she is up and crawling. This made photos impossible. So for the big 12 month photo shoot we moved it outside. And it was much more successful.

See for yourself......

The Phi is still Lou's favorite person. She adores her and finds everything she does hilarious. And with The Phi's love of stand up comedy, they make a good team.

Lou copying The Phi. Get use to it The Phi, my little sister did EVERYTHING I did!

Lou looks like she is about to hit The Phi. Let's be honest, Lou totally smacked The Phi.

Lou and Schmonks. We used him in photos to see how much she has grown. And she has grown a lot.

A good picture of the only teeth she has.

Still can't believe that I made these 2.

It is really hard for Lou to sit still.

This is how excited she gets when she spots her Daddy. And no it's not the same response for her Momma.

People always ask us if Lou is always so happy. The answer is no, but when she is happy she is super happy.

Super Happy Baby

Sisters! AKA BFF's

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  1. Wow, she sure had grown. Lou is so cute, ditto The Phi.


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