Wednesday, May 25, 2011

4 days of celebration isn't sufficient

The Phi and Joey spent 4 days celebrating their birthdays. It started on Friday when I sent The Phi to school with 36 cake pops. 36 cake pops that took me 3 hours to make.

Saturday was the big party day! The Phi had opted for a bowling party and her and 11 of her closest friends showed up to bowl and party! The Phi was super excited!

The Phi got to mix up her school friends and her family friends.

We had 3 lanes to ourselves and the kids got to bowl gutter ball free thanks to the bumpers.

The kids had a great time as I ran back and forth between the 3 lanes to make sure we got the most of our hour on the lanes.

After bowling it was time for pizza, lemonade,store-bought cupcakes with 6 candles.

There were gifts and big smiles.

Of course Lou was there and thankfully with both her Grandma's there she was well taken care of.

Good friends and good times.

After bowling we headed back to our house with some family to celebrate even more. My sister and her family spent the night and All the girls (Chone, The Phi, Lili and Lou) all slept in the girls bedroom. A really slumber party.

The next morning, on The Phi and Joey's actual birthday there was a big breakfast at IHOP and even more gifts!

After breakfast Joey headed to work and at home we had a super fun game of pictionary with all the kids. After my sister and her tribe left we met Joey for a birthday day early dinner at Ruby's Diner.

And as if all that wasn't enough on Monday we headed to dinner with Grandpa Bobo for more gifts, more treats and one last celebration.

4 days may seem excessive, but these 2 deserve to be celebrated everyday!

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