Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Camp Snoopy

 The Phi came home with a perfect report card. Perfect grades and perfect citizenship scores. Joey and I high-fived each other and gave each other big pats on the back. We decided to give The Phi a little surprise one Saturday for all her hard work. We didn't tell her where we were going. We just got in the car and drove. Now The Phi has, what we call "Phi PS". This kid remembers all places and the way to get there. Luckily this was a place she had never been before.

Before her head exploded from the suspense we arrived at Knott's Berry Farm. See The Phi is a big Snoopy fan, so we thought she would enjoy a day at Camp Snoopy. And enjoy she did!

The Phi got to meet the dog himself! 

Just an example of how hilarious The Phi is. I asked her why she posed like this and she said "Because I was a hot dog and trying to eat myself". 

One of the troops.

We rode all the rides in Camp Snoopy. Some a few times! 

Race cars!

Camp Snoopy!

On the Ferris wheel with Mom. 

The Phi is just like her Daddy and loves maps.

With Daddy on the giant skateboard ride.

The only rides Lou could get on were 2 different trains. She loved it!

On the ferris wheel with Daddy!

After what seems like ages, she finally decided on this Snoopy doll for her souvenir.

Daddy is such a sucker for his girls. All day The Phi kept seeing these balloons. This was the exact picture from the t-shirt she had on that day. Of course at the end of the night Daddy was hunting down the balloon lady to get this for The Phi. 

Behind bars. 

Lou enjoyed the sights and sounds. 

Train ride.
My girls.
There was so much cool Peanuts stuff for The Phi to ohh and ahh over,
You know how when you go to an amusement park and get on a water ride and end up wet, cold and miserable the rest of the day. Well Knott's has these dryers that you can stand in and get dry. For $5.00 a pop!

The Phi does not like pickles.
As the night went on the rides were easier to get on.

And that is our cue. The day was over. We had such a great day. One of those days I will always remember.


  1. Tia Uh-laine!5:54 PM

    1. In the first picture, Phi is starting to look too big for a stuffed animal (schmonks!)
    2. (which is contradictory to my first comment) She got a pecas!! Just like I did at Disneyland!

  2. I was looking at a couple blogs because I worked for Disney for 17 years and I guess I was just thinking about the years. When I came to your blog I was surprised to see the little girl with the skeleton face but it just reminded me of the work I am doing now. It is true I do make a couple snoopy rings but I have become more well know as the Day of the Dead skull ring maker and well I guess you could call it Punk I call it Day of the Dead and I hope hope you are not offended. Take care the pics are great.
    Ruben Viramontes

  3. No offense. My daughter's face was done up for Dia De Los Muertos. The reason our blog is called Punk Rock Parents is because my husband and I met years ago at punk rock shows around LA and Orange County. After many years and 2 kids we have mellowed considerably. I have degrees in Chicano Studies and am well aware of the importance of Dia De Los Muertos and it's iconology.


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