Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Her teeth are freaking me out

I am a sucker for gaps in the top front teeth. I think it is just so darn cute. And I was super stoked when The Phi had a nice little gap in between her two front teeth. Recently I noticed a shift in her gap. All of a sudden the gap between her two front teeth was gone and the gap between her side tooth and front tooth grew.

In closer examination I determined that The Phi's front tooth is loose and OMG I am not ready for her to loose more of her baby teeth. I mean these will be her forever (until she gets dentures) teeth. That's it. It's like one by one her babyness is just literally falling out of her mouth. Those cute little tiny teeth being replaced by big ol' chompers.

Plus the fact that it keeps moving over and has now overlapped the other front tooth is just freaking me out. The Phi can't wait for it to fall out "because I can get more cash". Her words. I think the tooth fairy may have set the bar a bit high with those 2 first teeth.


  1. Elaine2:25 PM

    I wonder if she is going to have HUGE front teeth like Cari and I

  2. Anonymous7:49 PM

    M's baby teeth look like adult teeth- I'm afraid of what his actual adult teeth will look like. I think he might have jz' chiclets and my crookedness. :(

  3. Mike H11:43 PM

    What's the tooth fairy's going rate on a tooth these days? Enabler! lol

  4. *pats*
    It's a phase. Let's hope that the adult teeth that pop out are going to be good ones, and that her teeth won't end up crooked.


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