Saturday, January 01, 2011

Lucky #7

 On New Years Day you turned 7 months old. Lucky #7. You are so darn cute it's sometimes just too much.

 You have also started with this separation anxiety from me. Even if I walk out of your sight you will cry until you can see me again. I am flattered and all, but really it's kind of tough. This time around I have to be Mom to you and to your sister. You both need me and there are times when you just have to wait. If it makes you feel better there are times when your sister and Daddy have to wait too.

You are starting to laugh here and there, but there is no doubt that your favorite person is your sister. When I pick you up out of bed in the morning the first thing your do is look over at your sisters bed to make sure she is there. When she looks over at you, you immediately smile. 

Everyday you are starting to learn to sit up better, or play with a new toy a little longer. You are eating like a champ and so far have enjoyed everything you have tried. Your favorite is banana yogurt.

 I have a feeling that you may not be as easy to raise as your sister has been. You have found your voice and by that I mean you scream. In fact you main form of communication is screaming. When I go to wipe your face or nose you scream. When I take something out of your hands you scream. I am really hoping that once you have a few words in your vocab the screaming will stop. Also I have already had to take out a plastic piece of toy packaging and a laptop cable from your mouth. These kinds of things never happened with your sister. I'm just saying.

I love you Louie. I love your face and everything about you. I love you when you are happy and I love you when you are crying/screaming.


  1. Anonymous2:03 PM

    She really is too darn cute. I love her expression in the very last pic! :)


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