Monday, January 03, 2011


I just got an email from my Mom about a meeting her and her sister are having. My cousin Erika has volunteered to become the full-time caregiver for my Nana and Tata. The email immediately brought me to tears. Erika is a beautiful, bright young woman in the prime of her life. She has always been there for Nana and Tata, running everyday errands like grocery shopping, banking, and anything else they may need. Over the last 10 years my grandparents health has declined and knowing that Erika (as well as many other of my cousins and Tia's) were there checking in on them was comforting. Recently my Nana fell off a step stool. These little accidents are very scary now and letting them live alone was not going to be an option for much longer. Now thanks to Erika, something has been done. My Nana and Tata will have a full-time caregiver. Not some stranger, but their grand-daughter who loves them very much.

I sent my cousin a text message to tell her how thankful I was for her. See there are about 30+ of us grandkids. The eldest being 33 and the youngest 16. We all have our own lives and many of us our own little families. The grandkids that live near Nana and Tata do what they can to help them. I am part of the bunch who has moved away and can't help. Of course I am thankful for all my family who is there when I can't be. I live with a lot of guilt because my Nana and Tata are our "reason". The whole reason we are all here and I wish I could be there to take them to doctors appointments, cook them a meal or even visit more often.

Now my beautiful wonderful generous cousin Erika is going to give up her job to take care of Nana and Tata full-time. She is sacrificing to do what we all should be doing, but can't. This family is beyond blessed to have Erika. Her big heart and genuine kindness and beauty make her an amazing woman.

Erika, Darling, Like I said, I can't even find the words to thank you. To know that our Nana and Tata will be in your care puts my mind at ease. I love you more than you can imagine. I believe that good things happen to good people. You are one of the best and I know you will have a blessed life filled with love and happiness because you deserve nothing less. Your big cousin- Elissa

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  1. It sounds like your family is full of good people. Your Nana and Tata must have passed down some awesome values. Don't let the guilt get you down just be happy that they are loved and cared for by relatives near and far.

    Happy New Year!


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