Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Tuesday Confessional: Big Time (c)Rush

This is my confession.....

For Christmas Santa gave The Phi the Big Time Rush CD. Who are Big Time Rush you ask? Well they are 4 guys who are on a Nickelodeon show about a boy band trying to make it in Hollywood. The show follows the standard boy band TV show formula. You know funny antics, with screaming girls chasing them around, with a song thrown in here and there. Of course the show lead to a concert tour and the release of a CD.

The Phi loves her some Big Time Rush. And I am here to confess to you all....So do I. That thing that tween girls have where they can fall head or heel for a boy band just never left me. I will always have a soft spot for boy bands. The young cute one mixed with the bad boy mixed with the heartthrob, with sometimes an ugly one thrown in. (sorry Danny Wood). The super sugary Pop music with repetitive beats and ridiculous lyrics. (oh oh oh she's my cover girl). I just can't get enough.

After dropping off The Phi at school I find my 33 year old self not only leaving the Big Time Rush CD on, but turning it up and singing along.


  1. My son put it on my iPod and dang it, those songs are catchy! I know most of them by heart already.

  2. OMG, AJ is hooked on Big Time Rush and I have to admit, I love the songs too! I walk around the house all day singing them!

  3. Anonymous7:49 AM

    you make me laugh! I think i'm going to jump right over to itunes and see what this is all about...i too have a soft spot for boy bands

  4. Anonymous10:11 PM

    You should see the Pep... he knows their dance moves! :)


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