Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The 50's

Now my family has a lot of parties. That's just the nature of a close-knit family and when your Mom has 7 sisters and a brother. All the parties are great, but once in awhile a party is just super rad awesome. On Saturday we had one of those exceptionally rad parties. My beautiful Tia Grace celebrated her 50th birthday with a big 1950's themed bash! Her kids and husband really put together an amazing party. It was so much fun.

Some highlights:

  • Decorations were amazing. Giant cut-out Elvis' and old school cars.
  • Bounce House (well highlight for The Phi)
  • Location was beautiful. And let me take a trip down memory lane. It had been years since I had been there.
  • Tia taking her first and only shot of tequila with her husband and 4 kids! (all over 21!)
  • Cousin Pepe's glasses
  • Seeing my Tia's and Mom all dressed up in 50's style
  • Chicken in a creamy Chipotle sauce. The food was spectacular! Catered from El Pescador.
  • Louella falling asleep in Tia Angie's arms.
  • Surprise visit from Arizona family.
  • Chone's "pimp" suite and Lili's pink ladies jacket
  • Pinata filled with chocolates! Seriously there was a ton of candy!
  • Cupcakes with Elvis' face on them
  • Pepe's speech
  • How beautiful and happy my Tia Grace looked.
Here is my favorite picture from the party....


and because there were so many more great pics here is a little slide show.


  1. Tia Grace is beautiful. Looks like a great time.

  2. Chone was a gangsta not a pimp!

  3. A 50's theme party is awesome. :) Happy 50th!

  4. Sounds and looks like it was an amazing party! Awesome! Love the theme!

    And the judging is finished for my ‘All the Small Things’ photo challenge! Go here to see how you did!


  5. the picture of nathalie and phi - they look like twins!


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