Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hair hair its everywhere

Remember when I was pregnant and I posted THIS. Yea I am having the compete opposite problem. Seriously I am afraid I am going to lose all my hair. This is major because if there is one thing I had a ton of it's hair. I mean me and the lions from the MGM Grand have very similar hair. About a month after Lou was born I started losing hair. Like handfuls of hair when I comb it, run my fingers in it and especially when I wash it. I knew this was normal after having a baby so I didn't think too much of it. But it hasn't stopped. In fact it has gotten worse. I am tired of having hair all over me all day. My normal pony tails that usually look like a horses tail is a lot thinner than normal. The hair at the top of my head looks thinner. This definitely did not happen when I had The Phi. I have always complained about the amount of hair I have and wished it would thin out, but now that its happening with no sign of stopping I'm getting worried. I wonder what I would look like bald?


  1. Anonymous6:35 PM

    Oh my gosh...ME TOO! Five kids and I've never had this postpartum hair loss thing. Now baby #6 and I swear I'll be bald soon. I'm seriously considering shaving it again. It might not be such a big deal but hair is everywhere...on everyone's clothes,even in the food. Blech. I'm paranoid that it's going to end up in a diaper and get wrapped around D's baby boy bits or something freak-accidentish like that.

    Yay....we can be bald together.

  2. Don't go bald, have them check your thyroid levels.

  3. Hi. What Jan said. Giving birth usually drops your thyroid level, causing hypothyroidism. simple blood test and it should be figured out. If your level is low, you'll probably be prescribed Synthroid to correct it.
    Hope it works out.


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