Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rebel ARTillery: My First Show

I was fortunate enough to be part of the Rebel ARTillery art show. A exhibit put together by my talented friend Jake Prendez. Jake and I met about 9 years ago when we were both graduate students in the Chicano Studies program at Cal State Northridge. He is super smart and a talented artist. He put together a great group of artist and a kick-ass opening reception.

That's right FREE JARRITOS!!

Jake and I with my piece in the background.

Raul Herrera and I.
We were very tight back in our grad school days.
I am so glad to still be in touch with these two guys.
Both are so talented and just good men.

Me and my muse.

When The Phi saw her photo on the wall she said "Mom I'm popular"

I am so honored to have my photo among these great artist. I mean my photo was on the same wall as Lalo Alcaraz! I have to admit it was pretty damn cool to see my work displayed. I was smiley and giddy.

Thanks to my family for coming out and supporting me! Having you there made it a special night I won't ever forget.

The show runs until the end of the month, so if you are in the Ventura area go and check it out!

Bells Art Factory
432 N. Ventura Ave
Ventura, Ca 93001

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  1. we didn't know the jarritos were free! :( luis would have drank one of each flavor! haha


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