Monday, August 30, 2010

Santa Barbara Day 6

On Thursday my sister and the kids had to head back home, but before they did we packed up some snacks and hit the beach, Goleta Beach to be exact. Lots of sun and lots of tar on the kids feet. Tia Uh-laine hung out with us during her lunch break. My sister read and I just relaxed while Lou napped and The Phi played in the surf.



We got back to the house and my sister and the kids headed home. I put Sophia in the sink and grabbed the baby oil to get the tar off her feet. After she was cleaned up we dressed a bit warmer and waited for Mom to get home. Once Mom was home from work we headed to Chase Palm Park for a concert in the park. Poterhouse Bob was playing zydeco music that evening. Pops had picked up sandwiches and snuck in a bottle of wine. Mom took The Phi to the playground until it got too cold. So bundled up we listened to some zydeco and enjoyed the sunset. The Phi bought a flower balloon and bracelet. We danced and tried to teach The Phi hand clapping games.





As we walked back to our parking lot we stopped by the carousel and The Phi and I hitched a ride. Just me and my Phi going round and round.

We ended the evening with a trip to Boarders book store to buy a birthday gift. Ahhh another perfect day!

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