Thursday, September 02, 2010

Santa Barbara Day 7

On Friday we had plans to go to the zoo with Aunt Sam and Baby Eli, but Baby Eli came down with a fever and they had to cancel. So, I had promised The Phi a trip to the zoo, so I was forced to venture out to the zoo, with my 2 kids, I was nervous, and with it starting with being overcharged at the gate while Lou was screaming I thought it was going to be a rough day. Instead it turned out to be a great day. After a bottle and a big poop, Lou was chill for the rest of our trip and The Phi got to enjoy the animals.






It was a beautiful afternoon with my beautiful girls. We headed home and spent the evening with Tia Uh-laine. We hit up a Coffee Bean and worked on a logo we made about 8 years ago We brought our "Judy" skull back. The Judy 20-10 edition. Then we made Lou a couple Judy onsies. Complete with a pink bow.

Oh and while we worked The Phi lost her second tooth!

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