Monday, August 30, 2010

Santa Barbara Day 5

On Wednesday we decided to pack a lunch and head over to Alameda Park. Mom had recommended it for the kids and boy was she right on. The park itself is over 2 blocks long and has a 8,000 square foot playground! It was a huge castle and the kids eyes practically fell out of their heads when they saw it. They took off and ran, climbed, slide and swung to their hearts content. We had to force them to sit and eat. And us parents were able to sit at a table, enjoy the weather and sandwiches.


August 18, 2010

Before we left we walked across the street and let the kids feed the ducks at the koi pond. It was a gorgeous grassy area and big pond filled with ducks, koi fish, turtles and lili-pads!



We took the kids back to the house and left all of them with my parents. Joey climbed on his bike and Cari and I got in the car to battle traffic to Camarillo. We had a baptism class at the church we will be baptizing Louella at. We met my brother-in-law Luis at the church and after class we all went to Chuy's for dinner. Mmmm fried shrimp tacos! We ate and chatted and enjoyed the time without the kids.

After dinner in the parking lot Cari kissed Luis bye and I kissed Joey bye and we got back in the car to drive back to our parents house. It was totally like high school!

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