Friday, August 27, 2010

Santa Barbara Day 2

On Sunday my Mom had the great idea of visiting the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum. A small museum that is behind the mission. I hadn't been there since probably 2001 or so, when we took Angelica to the Butterfly exhibit when she was little. My Mom had seen an ad for the Animal Robot exhibit and thought The Phi would enjoy it. And did she enjoy it. The main exhibit was great. Giant animals and bug robots with buttons to make them move. The Phi was able to build a platypus, walk like a fly, and use camouflage to hide. We were a bit sad to see that the giant whale bones that are usually in the front of the museum was gone. The signs said a new one would be coming soon. Then we hit the rest of the museum, which has not changed since I was a kid. We saw the same stuffed animals that have been there for years, but they were all new to The Phi and she adored them all.


Building a platypus.


Lou was a bit fussy during our trip but of course was happy in Nana's arms.


Can you see The Phi?


Exploring the sea shore.


Digging for Dinosaur bones.


Hunting for tadpoles


One of my favorite's the Sea Otter.


Her favorite...owls.


Posing in the parking lot.

After the museum we went home for a little while then left Lou at home with Nana and Tata and Tia-Uhlaine, The Phi and I headed to State St to the Metro 4 to see Despicable Me in 3-D! It was such a great movie and did anyone else notice that the minions spoke in Spanish?

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