Friday, August 27, 2010

Santa Barbara Day 3

On Monday my little sister Mercy aka Tia Uh-laine had a day off work and free tickets to the Botanical Gardens. I had never been there before so it was a nice little afternoon. We followed the trails that were stroller friendly. At one point Lou got one with nature when she had a melt-down, puked and had to strip down to get changed. Again the weather was gorgeous. The Phi had a good time exploring with Tia Uh-laine.






It was a nice walk and a place I would defiantly frequent if I was a Santa Barbara local. And It must be even more beautiful in the spring time when there are more things in bloom.

After the gardens we headed to Shoreline Cafe, because there is nothing better to do on a Monday afternoon than lunch on the beach.

We had some yummy burgers and because Lou was wide awake I did it all one-handed! We headed back up the hill to the house and had some dinner and we waited for Joey to show up. Since he had Tuesday and Wednesday off he rode up after work Monday night. Yes rode. A motorcycle, all the way to Santa Barbara. I was very nervous and very relieved and happy to see him when he got there.

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