Friday, February 19, 2010

Explaning "The Phi"

The Phi has had many nicknames in her life. Some have been....
  • face
  • sofa
  • dupa
  • kiddo
  • Sophizzle

We have been calling her The Phi for a long time. Many only know her as The Phi, and others even think that is her real name. It's not. It's her nickname and I have heard it pronounced by others in many different ways. And I love when people ask me how its pronounced or what it means or where it comes from.

So a quick lesson! It is pronounced The "FEE". Like, "your bank sucks because they charge you a monthly fee". Most nicknames are shortened versions of names or cutesy ones that end with a -y. With The Phi we took the middle part of her name and that became her nickname. We added the "The" because she is that cool.

So lesson over. Please enjoy a little part of our morning routine.

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