Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day

We had a mellow Valentine's Day. Luckily The Phi had a great Valentine's at her school complete with her first long stemmed rose from a boy and a giant marshmallow from her teacher. On Sunday PR Dad had to work but in the morning The Phi and I got to give him his cards. And PR Dad and I got to give The Phi the card we made for her and a small box of chocolates. As I was getting The Phi dressed for the day she hugged me and told me that I had stolen her heart. So cute!

When PR Dad came home for lunch he brought The Phi and I bouquets. Carnations for her and 3 roses for me. One rose for each of his girls. Soo sweet. He also gave me sugar-free caramels and chocolate. You know cause of the diabetes I can't have real candy.

That night we went out to dinner. Just the three of us. Except at dinner little Sweet B reminded us that it is the 4 of us. As we were sitting and eating Sweet B gave me a good swift kick. The first one I have felt. It was a nice Valentine's Day gift from my second daughter.


  1. who is the rose from?

  2. Found you randomly, I like your pictures, looks like you guys had a great day.


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