Monday, February 22, 2010

love, honor and no mini-vans

The Phi is a funny kid. She likes to tell jokes and be silly but sometimes she is hilarious when she is not even trying.

There are many bad things about the pick-up line at The Phi's school. One of those things is that to The Phi, the pick-up line a just a parade of mini-vans. She loves to watch those automatic side doors and the big screens in the back seats for optimal cartoon watching. She wants us to get one, really, really, really badly. When she approached me with the idea of getting rid of our toaster on wheels (we drive a Scion XB) and getting a mini-van I had to explain to her that her Father and I made a promise a long time ago to never drive a mini-van, no matter how many kids we have. The Phi was disappointed but apparently she understood.

Fast forward a few months to this past weekend. We were watching TV and there was mention of going on a date. She asked me...

"Mom did you go on a date?"
"Yes I have been on dates"
"With Daddy?"
"Yes with Daddy"
"And you thought he was cute and fell in love with him"

She proceeded to ask me about our dates, like where we went, what movies we saw, and what we ate. She also asked if Nana was babysitting her while we went on these dates and again I tried to explain that there was life before she was born and again she did not grasp that concept.

This lead to questions about moving in together, getting pregnant with her and getting married. She wanted to see pictures of the wedding so I busted out the wedding album. We looked at pictures of me getting my hair and make-up done, of the cake and of my sisters helping me into my dress.

Then we got to the pictures of the actual ceremony. Lots of shots of PR Dad and I gazing into each others eyes and such. Then The Phi asked me.....

"what part did you promise about the mini-vans?"

I had to have her repeat her question because I wasn't sure I heard her correctly. She asked me again and I started cracking up. She remembered that PR Dad and I had promised each other no mini-vans so she assumed that we made that promise when we got married. So I found a photo of PR Dad and I at the ceremony looking at each other and laughing and I told her...

"Right here, here is where we promised to each other NO MINI-VANS".


  1. Anonymous6:15 PM

    I told your compa we would never get a mini-van b/c I was so traumatized by ours growing up. He teases me about it all the time...

  2. u need to frame that picture and put it in her room.

  3. This is too, funny. We also promised no mini-vans. (I drive an XB, now.) We did end up with one for a few years, after we retired and we needed one for group hikes and other outings. We traded it in last year and Bob has a Mazda Tribute.

    Maybe you could tell the Phi, she can have one, when she can pay for it.

  4. Anonymous4:28 AM

    This seriously just made my day in the office.

    She's hilarious. Luckily they don't drive mini vans in Europe. Add that to the list of reasons to stay here! :)



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