Monday, December 14, 2009

LA Auto Show

I spent Friday morning at a lab where despite the fact that the other ladies there were well into their 80's. I was the only one knitting and listening to AM talk radio.

After that we drove out in the rain to go to the LA Auto Show. PR Dad loves auto shows and we go to at least one a year. Since most of our lives revolve around what The Phi and I want to do, its nice to do something PR Dad likes.

This year was not nearly as good as the last few years have been. Not many cool concept cars. Must be the economy.

PR Dad and The Phi checking out a sweet van.
PR Dad really wants us to get a giant A-team like van.

The ultimate toy hauler.

Shiny spokes

giant rims

I really do not understand the need or want for rims as big as a 4 year old

PR Dad is his dream Benz.

The Phi liked the Soupie-Sized Smart Cars

She can't resist these things.

Getting bored.

Home of the Lakers.


  1. We like seeing all the new cars, too. I was in the auto after market business for 15 years, so I'm a car person.

  2. More like home of the Los Angeles Kings!!!!

  3. Haha Mercy, I was totally going to say that too!


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